Why Barcelona ?

Air France flies to Barcelona regularly from Kuala Lumpur airport, book your flight ticket and look forward to a fabulous stay in the capital of the Catalonia region of Spain. Air France allows you to arrive in comfort and style, ready to immerse yourself in this amazing city on the Mediterranean coast, with a promise of sun, sea, fabulous architecture and Arts and rich cultural heritage.

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Barcelona, Capital of the Catalonia, Spain.

Often referred to as the second economic capital of Spain, Barcelona is a major city with over 1.6 million inhabitants. Beautiful and majestic, Barcelona is indeed a sight for sore eyes with the stunning legacy of the Gaudi buildings and mosaics by the great Spanish artist. No visit is complete without a stop by the Sagrada Familia, magnificent if not yet completed, church and a little higher up, overlooking the city, a stroll in the Gueill park imposes…

You may fall for the enchanting charm of Barcelona with ease if you admire fine architecture, historic buildings as those found in the gothic quarter of the city, medieval monuments a plenty and for the more modern, head for the Eixample district…where again, Antoni Gaudi and other Modernista architects have left their individual marks with buildings such as the Casa Mila and the Casa Batllo can be found.

Barcelona : a city for tourists with a taste for the old and new

Along the Mediterranean, bustling with life and vibrant with a true sense of « fiesta », there is much to experience day and night in this great Spanish city. Be sure to enjoy a tapas, the Spanish style aperitif hour dishes, delectable with a drink and good company in one of the bars, rest weary feet at a café terrace and soak in the atmosphere…The Rambla is worth a visit, a street filled with life and commerce and art, a favourite spot for artists and street performers, but beware of the pickpockets, for many are they who practise their own brand of art on unsuspecting visitors!

Barcelona played host to the Olympic Games in 1992 and benefited greatly from the economic boost and cultural development that followed from staging such a world event, it served as a symbol of rejuvenation and enlivenment of Spain approaching the 21st century. The site of the Olympic park, on Montjuic Hill, is open to all with great sports facilities but also restaurants and nightclubs or you could simply enjoy the scenic greenery for a quieter moment away from the fiesta tempo beating incessantly in this great Spanish city.

Travel to Barcelona – practical tips

For your trip to Barcelona, remember to convert to local currency, the Euro. Valid passport, a visa will only be required for students planning to stay in Spain for longer than 90 days as with all 26 countries of the Schengen Area, which eliminates border and immigration controls of between member states. Getting into Barcelona from the airport is easy and comfortable by train and even cheaper. Taxis are easily identifiable with their black and yellow colour and if you wish to hire a care, an international driving licence is recommended.

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