Discover Istanbul, the Orient and Occident in one magical city

Situated in the Marmara region, Istanbul is home to over 13.5 million inhabitants, making it the largest city in Turkey. Istanbul has the unique quality of lying on either side of the Bosphorus stait which separates the Black Sea from the Marmara sea. In this way, the city literally lies in both the European and Asian continents.
Throughout its history, the city has been known under different names, Byzantium then Constantinople, until 1930 when the city was officially named Istanbul. An important seat of power, Istanbul has been ruled by Thrace, the Roman Empire during the fourth century and then the Ottoman Empire until 1920.
Even if, the capital of Turkey has been Ankara since 1923, Istanbul has always been a major economic, educational and cultural centre. Its strategic geographic location allowed it to become the biggest commercial port of the country.
The climate is rather temperate though the summers in Istanbul can be swelteringly hot while winters are harshly cold and humid. If you decide to visit Istanbul during autumn or spring, you will enjoy pleasant temperatures…

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