Milan : Northern Italy

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Milan : style and culture

Milan is world famous for its fashion houses, luxury shopping, museums and the Duomo cathedral, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture. Situated in the Northern Italy, Milan welcomes tourists to a world of haute couture and culture, a city where elegance and glamour are the norm. Here and you will enjoy a city break in a busy and fast-moving city, a high quality, Italian lifestyle…and no mention of gastronomy has been made yet…

If you wish to feel humbled before the great masterpiece, you could book a tour to visit Leonardo da Vinci´s Last Supper mural painting at the monastery, Santa Maria della Grazie, let yourself be dazzled by the ceiling of the world-renowned opera theater, La Scala... or learn more about the city from a talented guide on a walking tour around the city… Fly with Air France and discover Milan , a fine blend of style and rich heritage.

Milan : from the rooftop of the Duomo…

The Duomo is the largest Gothic cathedral standing today, climb the steps to the rooftop where you can enjoy sweeping views of Milan , many artists have left their mark on the magnificent structure, the great bronze doors are an example of great craftsmanship as with the spires and sculptures that adorn the edifice at every turn…
Da Vinci´s most revered masterpiece, La Cena or the Last Supper has been restored to full splendor, though booking a viewing in advance is recommended to avoid the long queues at the monastery, now a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The Castello Sforzesco also offers an experience of Milan´s rich cultural inheritance. Discover the museum of many museums, artefacts taking you as far back as the Palaeolithic age and following the passing of time through to the 20th century, view works by Belinie, learn about the life of Leonardo Da Vinci; you may wish to spend several days in this museum to enjoy the history and cultural wealth within its walls. Visit the Pinacoteca de Brera museum for more Art, a great destination with collections by the great Italian painters: from 13th to 20th centuries…Masterpieces on display by Caravaggio, Titian and Piero della Francesca…

Milan, luxury shopping experience

From great artists of the past to contemporary art and design, Milan is a landmark for enthusiasts. For the luxury shopping experience, and in particular, Italian and international fashion houses: Armani, Prada, Versace and other important brand names, make your way to the “Rectangle of Gold” or the “Quadrilatero d´Oro”. The famous square is dedicated to the fashionista with a budget…Delight also in the Italian cuisine, a choice of restaurants, typical Milanese and a choice of international establishments; you can expect to eat well in Milan. Italian sushi at the Clandestino or the family-run; Il Luogo Di Aimo E Nadia for typical Tuscan dishes, deserve a mention, as among the finest restaurants in Milan.

Planning your trip to Milan

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