Moscow : a city transformed

Moscow is a vast capital city with over 11 million inhabitants, the largest populated of the Russian Federation and a city that has seen many a great change since the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe. Fly into Moscow and find yourself immersed in a world of contrasts, a symbol of the transformation of a country but also a city that has preserved its rich cultural heritage. The occidental lifestyle has a major influence in every day society since Russia´s embracing of the market economy but takes nothing away from the majestic charm and exoticism of the city that once lay behind the Iron Curtain.

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Discovery journey of Moscow

During your stay in Moscow , there are many attractions for the visitor, no doubt your sightseeing outings will include some of the important monuments in and around the capital, today, classified as World Heritage sites by UNESCO. Here are just a few to give you a taste of Moscow´s historical and architectural wealth: The Kremlin – once the residence of the Tsars, the resting place of past rulers, the Kremlin is home to the Russian government. The fortress is vast and to view the whole, a day´s visit is recommended. Religious sites such as the Cathedral of the Archangel Saint Michael but also the Grand Palace and Arsenal.

The Red Square – no first visit is complete without a view of this historic square. Take time to admire the red, 16th century, St Basil´s cathedral, a marvel with its nine domes dominating the square where you will also find the State History Museum and Lenin´s mausoleum. Linked to Russian history as far back as the 13th century, the Red Square is considered the heart of Moscow and Russia with all major streets also leading from it. Delve into its history and imagine, Napoleon´s march and fire in the early 1900s, the executions ordred by the Tsars…

Novodevichy Convent: founded in 1524 and served as retreat for noblewomen, but also as a prison for Sofia, the Russian Regent until she was deposed by Peter the Great´s her half-brother. The convent is a fine example of baroque architecture, rebuilt by the once powerful, Sofia in the 17th century.

Moscow State University – perched on a hill, the site affords magnificent views of the city. The world class university is impressive in itself, immense and a great example of 20th century, socialist architecture in Moscow, built under Stalin´s rule. Interior not open to public visits but you can still admire the 12 tonne star spire, one of “seven sisters” symbols of communism…
Religious sites, churches and cathedrals are a major feature of Moscow, the Orthodox Christian faith has survived Russia´s communist history. Stunning churches with their golden, elaborate décor can be found all over the city. The most famous churches in Moscow:
  • St Basil´s cathedral – on Red Square
  • Cathedral of Christ the Saviour – along the Moscow River, a religious site destroyed by Stalin but recently rebuilt to grand proportions to celebrate 850 years of Moscovite history.
  • Assumption Cathedral – more stunning golden domes to add to Moscow´s skyline. Historic church, burial site of eminent church leaders and stunning fresco of Virgin Mary.
  • Announication Cathedral – 15th century cathedral commissioned by Ivan III and used as private royal chapel.

    However, as you will discover as you wander around this mythical city, Moscow is much more than golden domes and religious icons. Enjoy trips to the parks, such as Gorki Park where relaxing strolls invite you to change pace from sightseeing. Museums too are of the highest quality, art lovers will appreciate the vast collections exhibited at the Pouchkine Museum of Art…and for shopping, head for the lavish GUM shopping mall near Red Square, luxury here is celebrated in a majestic setting, experience the vast choice of boutiques, items…a world away from media images of long queues for bread in the heart of heartless winters…speaking of which – whether you choose to visit during summer or winter, Moscow´s romantic charm is undeniable!
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