A stay in Rome: a journey through the eternal city

Rome is a must destination during a trip to Europe, a real open air museum. Capital of Italy since 1871, today, more than 2.7 million people live in Rome. The city, the most important of the Roman Empire, offers visitors a discovery of over 2,800 years of history, visible and tangible still…in the streets, visit the temples, amphitheatres and forums, early Christian churches, Renaissance palaces…Rome´s historic centre is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1980.

During your stay in Rome , you will be enchanted as you walk in the narrow streets, imagining life during Medieval times. The city of Rome has preserved its unique architectural heritage with the passing of time and still standing are world-famous structures such as the Coleseum, Roman forums, the monument of Victor Emmanuel II, Trévi´s fountain or the Piazza Navona which attracts millions of tourists every year. Spend a day visiting the world´s smallest state, the Vatican and Saint Peter´s Basilica, and of course, your trip to the eternal city is the moment to admire the works by the great Michael Angelo, notably, his ceiling in the Sistine Chapel…From the Pantheon to the old Jewish district, there are many treasures and authentic quarters to wander through and delight in…

A trip to Rome is also the chance to taste the « dolce vita » highly associated with the Italian destination for good weather, a romantic stay or a great family holiday. World class Italian cuisine too is worthy of a mention and Rome offers many a fine table to enjoy delightful pizzas, pasta dishes as well as the local specialities, “Saltimbocca alla Romana” or “Fiori di Zucca Fritti”…Well known restaurants such as the family run, “Da Lucia” and “Checco er Carettiere in the Trastevere district offer guests authentic Roman cuisine and good wine…

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