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Zurich : pretty rich and delightful

A stay in Switzerland´s vibrant city, Zurich , promises a wealth of experiences, a lively nightlife, shopping, a choice of museums and art galleries, water sports, access to mountain sports all in one stunning location…Air France flies to Zurich from Kuala Lumpur with package deals including hotel reservations for short or long stays. Travel guide here to Zurich´s must see spots and what you can do while on holiday and you will see that this lakeside city has so much more than a reputation for affluence.

A day pass in Zurich

Travelling on business with a day to spare for sightseeing or on a family vacation with plenty of leisure time, the ZurichCard , gives you unlimited access to public transport, be it the Metro, funicular, tram or boat for 24 hours as well as as entry into one of the city´s 50 museums…and a welcome drink at 20 listed restaurants…ideal for planned itineraries as well as a free wander about day to get a feel of the atmosphere… The zoo in Zurich is a great day out for kids but for adults too as you enter the Masoala Rainforest Hall where you will find yourself in a reconstructed tropical rainforest in the heart of the Alps! Surprising and delightful also is Sunday shopping in the underground arcades of the city´s main railway station, the Zurich Haupt Bahnhof. Zurich city folk descend for affordable shopping food and clothes as well as lunch in one of many restaurants and snack bars there…

Seek out the Old Town, Aldstat, for a historic tour of Zurich ; pretty with cobble-stoned streets you can visit many religious sites. You could climb the Lindenhofplatz for a panoramic view of the city and the river Limmat, discover the Roman headstone, admire the stain glass windows by Chagall in the Fraumunster, (Minister of our Lady) church or the largest clock face in Europe on the Peterskirche (Peter´s church)…many historic landmarks here and the self-guided tour recommended by the Zurich Tourist Office covers many monuments and sites in a short afternoon…

Zurich: Portal to the Alps

Known for being clean, safe and efficient and the city with the highest standard of living in the world, Zurich is a modern city nestled in a very natural and stunning setting and has been named as a Portal to the Alps and all the winter and summer sports available on the groomed slopes in winter and trekking and hiking trails in the summer, indeed, check for days trips into the Alps with the local tourist office…to fit with your visits to the art galleries with their fine collections, the bars and night scene which is lively and high quality if not upmarket, frequented by visiting international stars as well as the trendy crew of the city dwellers…Indeed, you can marry an alpine nature break with city living in style in Zurich…

More about visiting Zurich

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